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October 27, 1:45pm – U16 Div 3E - we have just been informed that the CCB Divas have folded. Please note all games v CCB Divas are now BYES.

October 24, 10:45am – Updated U15 scores are now available

October 10, 5:15pm – There was an oversight at U13. The U13 BGS Kaos are now in Div 2B. We apologize for this late change.

October 10, 1:15pm – There was an oversight at U14. The U14 WCA Wolves are now in Div 1B and the CFC Royals are in 1A. We apologize for this late change.

October 9, 6:15pm – The BCCGSL Board met last Thursday to undergo the Thanksgiving realignment. The schedules to Christmas are now complete. Due to several changes in groupings, there has been a lot of shuffling. We've attempted to make the most balanced schedule possible given the circumstances.

September 22, 7:30pm – We have just receive notification that the U14 Div 3S CCB-U14-Divas has folded. Please check for schedule changes.

September 14, 7:30pm – We have just receive notification that the U15 Div 3E PGML-U15-Hurricanes - SAT has folded. Please check for schedule changes.

September 10, 6:00am – Please report your game result as soon as possible after the game. The winning team is to report the score to your age group's score taker. In the event the game ends in a draw, the home team is to report the score. Please include your age, division and both teams when reporting the score. This helps the score takers to find the proper game on their score sheet. The earlier you get the game result in, the sooner we can post results.

September 6, 6:15pm – U17 Div 3E and U15 Div 3E - Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club has just folded both teams. Please check the schedule for BYES now in those divisions.

September 6, 5:45pm – U14 Division 3 - both ALO and SD Districts have just reported missing teams in this age group and tier. We want all teams playing ASAP so please check this schedule, it has vastly changed starting the weekend of September 18. No changes to September 11 schedule.

September 4, 10:20pm – As promised our schedule was published on September 1. As is the nature of girls youth soccer, a number of changes were made. These were only considered if the request was significant - either incorrect age group placement or complete tiers - not sub-tiers. All changes have a cascading effect on the schedule. Any further changes will be subject to a $500 fine and may not be honoured. As per our League Calendar - we will look to realign at the Thanksgiving Break. Have a great start of season.

September 2, 3:45pm – There have been many changes to the schedule since it's release on September 1. Please check your schedule again, regardless of the division your team is in.

September 1, 12:05am – The League Schedule has been posted, you can find them by using the links to the right. You can also look for your team by using the search page.

Please note that the schedule is still subject to change. Any notice of updates will be posted here.

August 23, 7:15pm – Please find the 2016/17 edition of the BCCGSL Operating Guide here. Schedules to Thanksgiving will be published on September 1, 2016 as per our League Calendar.

August 21, 7:00pm – The 2016/17 season is fast approaching and in order for our League to run we are in need of Age Group Score Takers. We cannot operate without these valued volunteers. Without Score Takers, there will be no scores recorded and no standings calculated. Please contact Gordon Quan, our League Manager here if you are willing to be an Age Group Score Taker or would like more information. We require Score Takers for:

U13 Div. 1
U13 Div. 2
U13 Div. 3

August 21, 9:38am – In accordance with BC Soccer and to align with BCPL and MSL, as of the 2016/17 season, all U13 games will use the Retreat Line as per Appendix C of our Operating Guide.

May 25, 5:10pm – The League Calendar for 2016/17 has been finalized and can be found here.