Please contact your District Rep for any questions or concerns regarding BCCGSL.

November 5, 12:30pm – U14 Div 2B, 3W & 3N - again we sincerely apologize for the disruption to these groups. The NSG Warriors have been moved to 2B and has thus triggered changes in all these schedules effective Nov 14/15 weekend.

October 28, 6:30pm – U15 Div 3A & 3W - we sincerely apologize to these two divisions. We've had to make adjustments to these groupings due to a misplaced team. The current Div 3A VUFC Crush will be moved to 3W effective Nov. 7/8. See adjusted schedules.

October 25, 11:00pm – U12 Div 1B E - ALO District has just withdrawn 2 teams in this division. Please see the re-worked schedule.

October 23, 1:00am – U13 Div 1A, 1B & 2B - our sincere apologies to these affected divisions. It has just come to our attention that we did not properly re-group some teams. Please see re-adjusted schedules effective Oct 31/Nov 1 weekend onwards.

October 13, 8:00am – There was an error with the GAC teams in U16 2B and U16 3E. This has been fixed now. Please see the updated schedules.

October 12, 4:50pm – U16 Div 3E - Due to the unavailability of fields for the home team on October 18, the MSC-U16-Wildcats will now be playing the WCA-U16-Lady Gunners in their park - please see re-adjusted schedule. Apologies for this mix up.

October 11, 8:00am – Post Thanksgiving schedules are now live. U13 3S has a team coming in, but the details have not been confirmed. That division will be updated as soon as possible.

With the division changes, many team pairings were lost as well as the home/away balance. In addition to teams changing divisions, there were some divisions that gained teams and some that lost teams. We apologize for the problems this causes.

A reminder that teams that were moved either up or down a division have received the average points of the division they have moved into. Division 3 teams that were moved laterally (for geographic purposes) will keep their points.

October 8, 9:00am – Thank you for reporting your scores on time. Possible team retiering will be taking place this weekend. We hope to have the U12–U18 schedule posted sometime this weekend. Have a great long weekend and be sure to thank your scoretaker.

October 3, 4:00pm – Pete SkinnerIt is with great sadness we announce the passing of former BCCGSL Chairperson Pete Skinner. Pete was a driving force and a huge advocate of the women’s game here in British Columbia. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pete’s family and friends. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

September 29, 12:15pm – This is the last weekend of play before the Thanksgiving break, and retiering of divisions occurs during this break. So please have all scores in by Sunday night. If we do not have all of your scores, then we will not have all of the information we need to see if your team needs to move up or down in the divisions.

September 18, 9:00am – In U17 1A and U17 1B, the two SFC teams have switched with each other. The schedule has remained the same, but the SFC team you are playing has changed. Please see the updated schedule.

September 15, 6:45pm – In U13 3E, three teams now play on Saturday. Please ensure that if you have teams in that division, the game day could change.

This weekend, CWK-U13-Inferno and WCA-U13-Celtics have their games on Saturday instead of Sunday.

September 13, 9:00pm – Reminder: Scores are due to your score taker by Sunday night. The earlier the better. Any delay of a score reporting could delay the entire division scores and standings update. Be sure to include both teams and the division your team plays in.

September 12, 9:45am – We now have a score taker for U13. Please this page for the full list of score takers.

September 11, 4:00pm – The has been a team added to U12 1B E, removing the BYE. Please see the updated schedule.

September 11, 8:00am – A team in U15 Div 3W has folded. Please see adjusted schedule here.

September 10, 9:00pm – We have had a team withdraw at U15 Div 3E. Please see the new schedule.

September 10, 5:45pm – We have had a team withdraw at U17 Div 1A. To mitigate the BYES at U17 Div 1, there will now be Cross-Over games between U17 Div 1A & 1B. Contact information for the opposing team may be found in the other division's Contact List page. Please see adjusted schedules. We apologize for this disruption so late in the week but we were just notified only this morning of the team folding.

September 10, 3:00pm – We've had teams withdraw from U15 3A, U14 Div 2B and U14 Div 3S. Please check the adjusted schedules.

September 10, 11:50am – The schedules for U13 3S and U18 3E have had to be redone due to teams withdrawing. Please see the new schedule if your team is in one of those divisions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

U16 score taker has changed. Please see the new posted email address for reporting

September 9, 1:30pm – Please confirm games with your opponent as soon as you can, as
there is always a bit of confusion at the start of a season due to last minute adjustments within the clubs. We will post updates as new information becomes available from the clubs.

September 9, 10:30am – Score Reporting – Score Takers can be found on this page. A link is also to the right, in the blue column. Please report scores no later than Sunday night. Late scores can delay the entire age group's standings and scores. Also, please include both teams and the division your team plays in. We are still looking for a Score Taker for U13.

September 8, 7:25pm – We still need Score Takers for U12, U13. Please email the League Manager.

September 8, 11:46am – BCSA ID cards - starting this 2015/16 season it should be noted that U12 PLAYERS (and their team officials) playing within the BCCGSL will need now these cards. As always, U13–U18 players and their team officials will require BCSA ID cards. Please see our Operating Guide 5.22 for further details.

September 5, 3:30pm – Teams have withdrawn from U17 1B and U13 3E. Please see the adjusted schedule.

September 5, 2:00pm – There has a team swap in U14 1A and U14 1B. Please see the adjusted schedule for these two divisions.

September 5, 2:00pm – We are in need of Age Group Score Takers. If you want standings, we need Score Takers. Please email the League Manager. Thanks!

September 4, 10:30am – In U17 3E, the AMF team has folded. As a result, there is now a bye in that division. The affected teams are:

AYSC-U17-Adrenaline - SAT - (BYE week 4)
LUSA-U17-Langley Utd Fuchs - (BYE week 2)
PGML-U17-Eclipse - (BYE week 3)
WCA-U17-Ravens - (BYE week 1)

September 1, 12:00am – Welcome to the 2015/16 season. Games until Thanksgiving are now posted. Please see links to the right. A gentle reminder that BCCGSL is NOT responsible for field allocations or game times - this falls under your individual Districts or Clubs. The remainder of the schedule until Winter Break will be posted after re-tiering (if necessary) during the Thanksgiving Break. Have a great season!

**Please note – we changed the name of Division 2C to 3A - there was much confusion as "C" can refer to "central" which denotes a geographic grouping, so we changed the name ONLY to 3A to denote a tiered by ability grouping.

Questions or concerns should be directed through your District/Club Rep.

August 28, 9:00am – Per our league Calendar, the coming season's schedule will be published September 1.

August 6, 3:30pm – The BCCGSL has decided to implement the Retreat Line at U12 only for the 2015/16 season. It can be found under Appendix C in our revised Operating Guide. Click here to see the League documents

July 8, 5:30am – The 2015/16 Operating Guide has now been finalized. Click here to download.