Welcome to the 2014/15 season

Despite the hard work of the BCCGSL to get the schedules ready and set for September 1 there are some Districts that are adding or missing teams and only alerting us now. All September 6/7 games will remain as is. We will begin re-building the schedule starting at Week #2 - September 12/13. We will post a note once this has been completed.

We thank you for your patience while the new schedule has been created. You will note that we're now using the TAGS scheduling software (same as 4D, 5D & MSL Leagues). Fields & game times may have been provided, HOWEVER teams must still confirm with each other by Thursday before the Sunday game. Districts may need to move games around. Teams that do not confirm game and field times and show up to find no opposition will not have their game made up.

*U13 Div. 3C will be undergoing changes - please stay tuned. This is the only grouping that is unconfirmed.

Important note for those that are playing any of the Whistler teams: All Whistler games until November 9 will be HOME (even if listed AWAY) due to the front-loading of games and unavailability of fields during the winter months. After November 9, all games will have Whistler on the road and they will be the AWAY team. It is possible that the schedule may not reflect this correctly. If you have any questions, please contact your District Rep.

**We need age group Score Takers - standings cannot be updated without them. Please contact our League Manager, Gordon Quan - goq3web-bccgsl@yahoo.com if you are willing to volunteer to fulfill this position. No age group Score Taker = no standings.
Update: A huge thank you to those who have responded and volunteered for what really is an important task. We are still looking for someone for U17.

Please contact your District Rep for any questions or concerns regarding BCCGSL.

The revised 2014/15 BCCGSL Operating Rules are posted. Please note the removal of the former grass/grass/gravel rule. It has been replaced with:

4.3 Field Condition rule (*revised 2014/15)
If the Home team’s field and alternate are closed, the game is cancelled and will not be re-scheduled. If teams wish to play the game and the Away team can provide a field, then Home team can travel to the Away team. The team providing the field must assume all costs associated.

If 75% or more scheduled League games are not played due to bad weather that weekend will be removed from the schedule and no points will be awarded for any games played.

Also please note the following regarding ID cards for BCCGSL games only:

4.2.2 BCSA Photo ID Cards
If a team fails to produce valid BCSA ID cards, the game is to proceed but will considered to have been played as "under protest" and will be reviewed by the Board (see rule 4.15 Forfeits).

All Division 2 & 3 games will end with League Championship Finals on Sunday, March 1, 2015.

We hope you have a great 2014/15 soccer season!